HERMITAGE of el SAlvador

It was built on a mound near the village and, in this case, it was built on a medieval hermitage from 1428.


Built in 1720
Baroque style

Hermitage of El Salvador. The first news about the existence of the saviour’s hermitage dates back to 1720, when the vicar of Godella, Josep Estellés Tarrassa, began its construction. The work was finished in 1730 and blessed by José Rius. It was placed on a mound near the town and, in this case, it was built on top of a medieval hermitage dating from 1428. Josep did not see the work finished, but in his last will he gave all his goods to the Saviour chaplaincy. Estellés’ donation was intended that, with the income, the church would cease to subsist on alms and the goodwill of people: in 1773, the chaplaincy had its sustenance, derived from the lands in the districts of Rocafort and Godella, houses in the two towns and cash censuses from the Marquises of Boil and Alcalalí.

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