Godella’s Green Garden Balcony

Godella through the seasons!

Godella looks out over the orange orchards. Its heritage is modernist, while at its heart beats a musical soundtrack that is the core of its being.
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Choose one of the four ways of getting to know Godella and its most iconic landmarks.

Old Godella

Discover the 14th century Chapel of Christ, 18th century Boil’s tower, beautiful old summer residences, the windmill and the Acequia de Moncada…

The Upper town

The tour begins at the church of El Salvador, built in 1720, and continues to the museum Espacio Alfaro.


A tour of bucolic charm that traces the rural routes of Godella through panoramic vistas and traditional smallholdings.


A tour of all the great farms, including Rellotger, Donday, Sant Maure and Pedreres.

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